The most important thing is that you feel comfortable during your service. For some that means they wear nothing at all, while others prefer to wear a swimsuit, underwear or other garment. Know that we have seen it all, and that we are looking at your body for spray patterns, not ever analyzing or judging it. We are clients of Shades too, so we treat you with the respect we would want in what could be perceived as a vulnerable position.

Many female clients chose to wear only a small pair of panties to minimize tan lines.

Male clients MUST wear a dark color swimsuit, shorts or full coverage briefs.

We suggest wearing dark colors, as the initial cosmetic bronzer may rub off onto clothing; however, it will easily wash out of most clothing (with the exception of nylon, spandex and silk).

At your appointment, wear loose fitting clothing that does not rub on skin or fit tight to the body. Please wear flip flops or similar shoes to minimize rubbing on the feet after your tan application.