What to Expect

Curious about a spray tan? Here’s what to expect

24-48 Hrs

  • Tanning for a special occasion or trip? Get your manis, pedis or facials done before you come see us.
  • Exfoliate. Exfoliation is the most critical step for an even and long-last sunless tan. Exfoliate your skin all over with an exfoliating glove or washcloth. Don’t forget your elbows, ankles, neck and underarms!
  • Shave, wax or remove any unwanted body hair.
  • Do not use any oil-based products. Oils will leave a film on your skin that can block the even absorption of the sunless tanning solution.
  • Drink lots of water. Keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out will help you retain color longer and will promote more even fading of your sunless tan.

The Day of the session

  • Be prepared! Pack or wear dark, loose-fitting clothing. No denim, clothes that rub, etc. Chance for rain? Ensure you will be covered from head to toe as even a drop of water can ruin your results.
  • Do a warm water rinse to remove any sweat or body product residues AT LEAST FOUR HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. We do not recommend washing your hair or body with any products prior to your session as there is always a chance they could leave a barrier on your skin. Dove, Dial, Ivory or any “moisturizing” soaps or body washes are a definite no-no the day of your sunless session!
  • No lotions, oils, perfumes or body sprays at least eight hours prior. (If tanning in the evening, you may apply lotion in the morning.)
  • Ladies: Pack or wear dark colored undergarments or swimsuits. You may undress to your comfort level. Please note: if you are tanning for an occasion where you would prefer not to have a tan line up top, you may tan topless.
  • Men: Wear dark boxers or briefs. Men MUST wear some sort of undergarment. No exceptions.

after your session

  • Continue wearing your dark, loose fitting clothing while your tan develops.
  • Do not get wet for at least eight hours with a regular solution. This includes rain, showers, exercise, swimming, saunas or any other activities that may get your skin wet or cause you to sweat. Also, do not wear tight fitting shoes, bras or sports bras during this time.
  • When showering, only use your hands (no loofahs or exfoliants) and preferably a sulfate-free body wash or all-natural soap for washing. Soaping only “the essentials” will help your tan last longer. Cooler water causes less loss of natural body oils and extends your tan. Pat yourself dry with a towel post-shower. Do not rub!
  • Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and by using natural products. No mineral oil, alpha hydroxy acids, petroleum, alcohol or exfoliating ingredients as they will strip your skin and fade your tan within a few days. To protect your spray tanning investment, we offer moisturizers and tan care products in our studio for purchase.

  • Use sunscreen. Spray tanning does not in any way protect your skin from UV rays.
  • When swimming, limit your time in the water to 10 to 15 minute increments, if possible. Soaking for long periods of time will dramatically fade your tan. Use a waterproof sunscreen to help protect your skin from harsh pool chemicals and salt water. Use of a tan extender or a sunless tanner offered in the studio is highly recommended to help keep your color through your trip.

  • Ask about our retail products to help elevate, enhance and extend your tan!

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